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knitspiration #4 | babyknits

It’s time for a new round of #knitspiration! I must admit I had difficulty choosing a selection for this topic. Right now I am right into baby knitting patterns. I think of baby knitting patterns, I dream of baby knitting patterns and all I do is knitting for my baby. Still I really can’t believe that in four months time my own little human will be sitting next to or rather on top of me. Isn’t this crazy? I still don’t really know how this could happen?! Anyway there are tons of the cutest little patterns for babies and toddler out there in the funny universe we call internet. My ravelry und pinterest lists are full of them and so this is only a small selection.


knitspiration #3 | a gentle touch of Spring

I know, I know it’s still February and therefore it is still Winter. In fact as January here in Germany was rather warm and damp I am quite happy that the temperatures finally dropped to a wintry level. What would be a good old Winter without cold ears in the morning, without frost-covered windscreens or even without slippery roads? It just wouldn’t feel right.

But it’s only natural to slowly prepare for the next season which is Spring fortunately. You may have noticed that the days are getting longer and maybe you are lucky enough to get a glimpse of proper daylight after you get home from work. If you keep your eyes open you might even spot some early flowering plants like some lovely snowdrops at the side of a plain footpath.


knitspiration #2 | things I knitted twice or things I would knit once again

Okay, actually there is only one thing I knitted twice and that is the Strokkur sweater (left picture). To be honest the first Strokkur I had knitted ended a bit tight (frankly not just a bit) as I did no gauge swatch at the beginning. Yet I  did love the pattern so much that I reknitted it once again one year or so later and that one ended just perfect! Not only me but also my mother fell in love with the beautiful nordic style sweater and so I gave it to her. So after knitting that pattern already twice I still have no well fitting Strokkur sweater for myself so I guess I will knit it a third time one day.


knitspiration #1 | and a word about knitting lots of sweaters or the way of mindful knitting

In the last post in mentioned that I feel a strong urge to cast on a new major knitting project. I am clearly a sweater/cardigan knitter and have done quite a lot yet. The trouble in the end is I wear them not very often. This is because of various reasons. I am quite happy with most of my projects but some of them are not so perfect for me considering size, color or fit. At the beginning I thought this won’t matter but  meanwhile I noticed that it does!  And after all I just have too many sweaters to wear them on a regular basis (and I don’t want to wear a sweater every single day).