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I never finish anyt…

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So I have this thing with starting things and never getting them to an end. At the beginning of a new project I am electrically charged and cannot wait to draw plans, make list and create ideas. I am a buzzing bee. Then I start with whatever it is and somehow I loose this spirit on my way. For example I have a lot of knitting projects at different stages. A single sock, two socks but one is missing the toe, a cardigan with one arm left, an almost finished cardigan missing a buttonband and some buttons, a never ending granny square blanket AND SO ON. It’s the same with blogs. I love blogs.


week 10 & 11

Two more weeks have passed and nothing special happened. Until now I have been enjoying the last days of Winter. After the first gentle peeks of Spring during the first days of March, cold and damp weather has took over again to accompany the last days of Winter. I have been enjoying the last weeks of “hibernation” and did all the things I like during the darker seasons. I did a lot of knitting, went to bed early and enjoyed staying at my cozy home. Furthermore I started a new book in which I like to escape during my evenings (The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer). It’s the first time I’m actually reading on an everyday basis for a long time as I normally enjoy listening to audibooks while knitting or crocheting.


Week 9

Okay, so I survived my first week at work after my vacation. Though I couldn’t have been more moody on a Monday morning, every day from then on got easier. What was also lightening my mood was the prospect of a free weekend that I am celebrating now. My man is out of town so I made myself a cozy weekend full of knitting, browsing the internet (…always so time consuming…) and cups of alternately tea and coffee. I only left the house for a Saturday morning stroll to get some flowers and food. What I really liked about this week ist the undeniable shift from Winter to Spring (not to be compared to mallorcan Spring,


Week 8

What a week! I am writing these lines with my suitcase packed and ready to leave our beautiful Casa in the middle of spring-like and warm Mallorca. It’s a little bit hard not feel sad sitting one last time in front of our huge glazed door with a view at the garden with its now slowly withering almond blossoms. Instead of soft pink, honey-smelling blossoms delicate tiny leaves take their places at the clubbed and twirled branches.

And though I try to be happy or let’s say thankful for this experience I am rather depressed right now. I try not to, but I can’t stop thinking at my oncoming everyday life that will start on Monday again.


work in progress | Hermiones Everyday Socks

It’s almost March and I just realized I did not even finish one single proper project! Towards the end of last year I started knitting the Vertices Unite Shawl (by Stephen West) wich I had to frog due to several reasons. Since then I began and discontinued working on several minor projects as I wanted to minimize my stash. So the plan was not to buy any new yarn within the first weeks of the new year. None of these projects I liked and I started to think that I may had lost my knitting mojo.

Then I stumbled across the lovely instagram feed of Anna. She creates the most marvelous hand dyed yarns under the name Gregoria Fibers.


knitspiration #2 | things I knitted twice or things I would knit once again

Okay, actually there is only one thing I knitted twice and that is the Strokkur sweater (left picture). To be honest the first Strokkur I had knitted ended a bit tight (frankly not just a bit) as I did no gauge swatch at the beginning. Yet I  did love the pattern so much that I reknitted it once again one year or so later and that one ended just perfect! Not only me but also my mother fell in love with the beautiful nordic style sweater and so I gave it to her. So after knitting that pattern already twice I still have no well fitting Strokkur sweater for myself so I guess I will knit it a third time one day.