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Week 3

So another week has passed and it has as always been stuffed with work.Temporarily I leave when it is still dark and I get home when it is dark again. But I notice that the days slowly get longer! Nevertheless I managed to dye some yarn last Sunday. It was super exciting and so much fun. I wanted to try some different techniques and not all of them have turned out so well. I prefer rather soft and pale colours so in fear of getting too much colour at my yarn I took it out of the dye bath to soon I think because once my yarn was dry it lost a lot of its color. I used birch leaves to achieve a beautiful golden color (but very pale now) and sandalwood to dye some pink accents. I am not so happy with how the sandalwood dye turned out. One skein (not pictured) got rather muddy than pale pink and again I took out the skeins too early OR I used relatively not enough dyeing essence/ too many skeins for the dye bath. Anyway most of the skeins have turned out quite okay and I am already looking forward to my next dyeing session that I plan to have the next weekend.What really lifted my mood is the beautiful winter weather that has taken over the last weekend (remember the car that didn’t got out of its parking space?) Still all the landscape is covered in deep snow since the temperatures have been below zero throughout the whole week. Last sunday I took a long walk in the wood and I wished I would have had ski whith me. I don’t even own some so I have gotten totally crazy and ordered a pair of cross-country-ski in the internet (!!!) on Monday hoping they would arrive until the next Sunday (=today). Of course they didn’t arrive and in the next week temperatures will probably rise again and all the snow will be gone when I finally have my ski. I keep telling myself that I will be prepared for future winter weather. Well that was a fail!

Have a nice Sunday afternoon and a pleasant week!


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