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Okay, those last few weeks since Christmas have been crazy in a kind of bad way. They have been crazy exhausting in the first place. It feels like all I have done is work, eat and sleep every single day. I had no motivation to do much more than essential life stuff (you know like taking a shower, change my underwear and so on). Since I work in shifts every now and then there were nights I couldn’t sleep at home and had to work 24 hours in a row. Isn’t this bad? Okay enough of all this inbearable self-pity. Here are the good news. This weekend I am free of work! Two days at home – so much spare time! Actually we planned to make a trip to Ikea to buy a few thing for our apartment but since it has snowed the last night my boyfriend couldn’t get his rental car (…a long story…) out of our small and steep parking space, so we decided to stay at home.

Finally I cleared the apartment of all the Christmas stuff and it felt so great to get rid of it. I really couldn’t appreciate the beginning of this year yet since I was thinking about work all the time. Naturally I enjoy the start of a new year as a time of new beginnings, new goals and wishes. So this is what I am concentrating on this weekend.

As a goal for 2017 I want to start dyeing yarn myself (from time to time). This is something I have tried once last year and it was so much fun! A few days ago a packet arrived with a lot of ingredients to do so like mordant (different ones) and some natural dyes. Today I put 4 skeins of wool in a solution of cold mordant and tomorrow I want to start dyeing! I am really excited and hope to write more about it soon.


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