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works in progess (wip)

Finally Winter and only 2 days left for Christmas! I have a few days off until the end of Christmas and I thought this would be a good time to demonstrate my projects I’m working on right now. As shown in the previous post I just finished with the driftwood sweater, a major project I had been working on from september until now. As it has been my fourth sweater/cardigan in a row I started/ reactivated a few small projects for a change (and to get rid of my huge stash!).

After a long time of absence I started crocheting again in the form of Amigurumi. When crocheting before I preferred doing Granny Squares (pillows, blankets) but now I’m fully in love with those sweet little crochet creatures. Right now I am close to finish “Gédéon”Gédéon is a super sweet bear-like creature from the loveliest Amigurumi book I have ever seen. It’s called “Tendre Crochet 2″ by Sandrine Devèze. It’s in french and though my french is rather rudimentary it’s possible to get through the instructions (with a dictionary at hand). I may present the book in one of the next posts.

On the top right picture you can see the very beginning of the “Vertices Unite” scarf by Steven West. It’s my first project by Steven West. I really admire his work and creativity but his patterns are often too colorful, too loud for me as I rather prefer soft tones and simple styles. Nevertheless I started this project only a few days ago to get somehow rid of my huge stash (and because it’s a really pretty scarf).And then there are these socks I started at the beginning of 2016 and then got lost in one of my stash boxes (like a bottomless pit…). I found them just a few days ago and want to finish them as soon as possible. Unfortunately I forgot how to knit heels?! I am not a sock-knitter at all and this pair above is, I think, my fourth pair at all.


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