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driftwood sweater by brooklyn tweed

So I finished my fourth sweater in a row (okay the last one was a cardigan) and I love it! Back in September with my mind already heading towards cold winter I wanted to knit a simple and cozy sweater. Again I found a wonderful pattern in one of the brooklyn tweed collections. This pattern is called “driftwood” designed by julie hoover an can be found in the fall collection 2012 by Brooklyn Tweed. This piece had been on my want-to-knit-list for a long time.

I chose my favorite yarn by Drops alpaca in this wonderful light and icy blue (#6205). I already have knitted many sweaters/cardigans/shawls with it. It’s super cozy and comes in many beautiful colors. The pattern itself is super easy and actually very relaxing to knit. You don’t have to remember fancy stitch sequences. It’s perfect for relaxed TV knitting after an exhausting day at work.

Two weeks ago it had been really really cold and beautiful frosty outside. One Sunday I got up very early to see the sun rise because I like taking picutures in the morning light. I woke up at 6:30 am (on a sunday!) brew myself a thermosbottle of coffee and got on my way while it was minus 9 degrees celsius outside! I was freezing my butt off but I was luky to take some beautiful picturs of the vegetation all covered in icy whites and blues. Somehow I connect my driftwood sweater to this experience because the color of it reminds me of all the branches and leaves covered in frost.


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