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even more babyknits

I know, AGAIN babyknits! Before I got pregnant I wasn’t interested in this topic at all and why should I have been? Even in the first weeks and months of my pregnancy I didn’t give a thought about it. It took me even more than 20 weeks to buy the first thing for this tiny baby inside me. Until then everything seemed unreal and far away. Right now I am entering the third trimester and I am far from completing this baby wardrobe. But as I am getting slowly but steady closer to due date I get more and more involved in this topic. I think this is a natural instinct of a mother to be.

During the last month I barely did something other than knitting and crocheting for my baby (but I plan to do something for myself very soon). The first garment I did was “Selma’s Sleep Suit” by PetiteKnit (photo below on the left side).

I did mess a little bit with the cuffs at the hems (don’t ask me how) so I decided to omit them. Though I made the smallest size it looks a bit big. I didn’t make a gauge swatch so I think this is due to my choice of yarn (Drops Merino extra fine). But I never mind as it will be Summer when babyboy is born and the sleep suit may be a bit to warm anyway in this time of year. I hope he will fit into it when Summer fades into Fall and the nights are getting cooler again.

Next project was a cardigan-pants-combination that I plan to bring to the hospital. I decided for a creamy white (Drops Baby Merino) and I am quite happy with the result. It looks small enough to fit a newborn. The cardigan is called “Little Explorer” is for free and can be found at Drops Design. The pants is also by Drops Design and is called “Smarty Pants“. I switched garter stitch for knit stitch.

Eventually I knitted a little bonnet with sweet tiny ears for babyboy. Again it looks a bit big for a newborn but I hope it will fit when Fall arrives. Pattern is “Bearly Bonnet” by Pure Stitches and also for free. It is a perfect and quick one skein project that can easily knitted in a day. I also did a few crochet toys that I may present in another post.



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