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knitspiration #4 | babyknits

It’s time for a new round of #knitspiration! I must admit I had difficulty choosing a selection for this topic. Right now I am right into baby knitting patterns. I think of baby knitting patterns, I dream of baby knitting patterns and all I do is knitting for my baby. Still I really can’t believe that in four months time my own little human will be sitting next to or rather on top of me. Isn’t this crazy? I still don’t really know how this could happen?! Anyway there are tons of the cutest little patterns for babies and toddler out there in the funny universe we call internet. My ravelry und pinterest lists are full of them and so this is only a small selection.

From top left to bottom right:

  • Babysocks with eyelets by sadnesgarn (in book 1719) : You can never go wrong with socks, right? I really love these tiny eyelet socks in different lengths. I picture cute chubby calves covered in knee-length socks…too cute
  • Winter Snuggles by Drops Design: There are some surprisingly beautiful and most notable free baby and toddler knitting patterns at the drops design webpage. How cute are these fairisle-ish dungarees? Maybe not for a new born but rather for a toddler…
  • Romper with bobbles : Just a very cute romper with bobbles found at this beautiful website I didn’t know before. There are lots of beautiful baby knitting patterns which can be bought and downloaded.
  • Norwegian Fir top down cardigan: Especially for a new born you can never go wrong with a little cardigan. I especially love the details at the raglan seam.
  • Tiriltunge Newborn Onesie  : Another romper from my ravelry list with a beautiful eyelet pattern.
  • Bloomers also by sandnesgarn wich can be found it the booklet I mentioned above (sadnesgarn book 1719): Aren’t they cute as well?

Sorry for the excessive use of the words “cute” and “beautiful” and all this baby spam but I guess there will plenty of it in the coming months. I wish I had time to knit all this stuff (and I wish babies wouldn’t grow so fast so they could wear all that beautiful stuff longer than a few weeks).




3 Responses
  • e.emma
    March 7, 2018

    sehr sehr schöne babyknits auswahl!
    Es stimmt es gibt sooo süße und tolle baby strickanleitungen! Sandnesgarn hat echt so hübsche Sachen, nur leider versteh ich die Anleitungen nicht ich muss wohl eine neue Sprache lernen 🙂

    alles liebe für die Schwangerschaft

    • christine
      March 11, 2018

      Dankeschön. Ich hab mir jetzt trotzdem ein Babystickheft von Sandnesgarn bestellt und hoffe, dass ich es irgendwie schafft mit Hilfe von Google translate mich da durchzuwurschteln…

      • E.emma
        March 16, 2018

        viel erfolg, du wirst es bestimmt schaffen 😉 bin schon gespannt.
        Welches Heft hast du denn bestellt?

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