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Iðunn Cardigan

Luckily I managed to finish this beautiful Lopi Cardigan before it gets too warm to wear it! It is still February and the temperatures are around freezing point. Iðunn is another one from my countless projects I started but didn’t manage to finish in 2017. In fact I started the idunn Cardigan back in September 2017 as a project for my two-week vacation in the Bavarian Alps. Thanks to the thick appealing Lett Lopi yarn I made quick progress and nearly finished it a month later. Due to some minor issues that disrupted my workflow I stopped working in the project. Yes, you may have guessed it but the whole steeking thing  wasn’t that easy for me.

A few years ago I already knitted a fair-isle cardigan (this one) but then I did secure the steek edge by simply sewing along with the sewing machine. Back then I used non feltable yarn so a crochet steek wouldn’t have worked. This time I wanted to to a classical crochet steek but it took me some time to figure out exactly how. In the end it wasn’t difficult at all of course. After adding a button band that isn’t intended in the original pattern I finally finished this beauty of a Lopi a few weeks ago.

The Iðunn Cardigan (pattern at ravelry) is designed by the wonderful Ragga Eiríksdóttir and the pattern is free. How cool is that? I especially like the rather minimalist fair-isle pattern as I am fond of simple and plain designs. It is really not hard to knit but it took some time and good will to manage the whole steeking affair. Luckily Ragga offers some help with a video tutorial (link can be found in her pattern).

As for the yarn I totally fell in love with Lett Lopi. In my four or five year knitting career it was the first time for me working with a Lopi yarn. It comes in many beautiful colors (don’t get fooled by my classical color choice) and it is really thick and squishy! I love it and this won’t have been my last Lopi for sure!


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