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Kelpie the second

A few posts ago (and from time to time on instagram) I mentioned that I was working on another Kelpie shawl after knitting it already 4 years ago. Kelpie is a simple hap shawl by Brooklyn Tweed that was published there a long time ago. Then I gave it to my mother as a gift. This time I wanted one all for myself. I remember how I was struggling with all the new stitches and lacey elements four years ago as it was the first time for me knitting a shawl and something as complicated as that. In the end it became apparent that it was not complicated at all and this time it was almost a no brainer to knit it for the second time.

I am very happy with how my Kelpie shawl turned out. I even think I almost made no mistakes (I am not a perfectionist at all so this means somethin) and I adore (sorry for praising myself that much) the color combination I chose. The colors a very soft and rather wintry. Maybe I should have chosen a dark blue for the outmost stripe but I wanted to knit the shawl only from stashed yarn and there simply was no dark blue. But I think the ruby red is also pretty.

Since finishing I wore it almost every single day. The baby alpaca simply feels so cozy. For this project I chose Drops Baby Alpaca wich is my favorite yarn. It’s very affordable, comes in lots of beautiful colors and the quality is really good. There is still a lot left in my stash 🙂


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