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I never finish anyt…

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So I have this thing with starting things and never getting them to an end. At the beginning of a new project I am electrically charged and cannot wait to draw plans, make list and create ideas. I am a buzzing bee. Then I start with whatever it is and somehow I loose this spirit on my way. For example I have a lot of knitting projects at different stages. A single sock, two socks but one is missing the toe, a cardigan with one arm left, an almost finished cardigan missing a buttonband and some buttons, a never ending granny square blanket AND SO ON. It’s the same with blogs. I love blogs. I love reading them, I love creating them. I own at least four different domains all filled with some blog content (with different topics) but none of them is really up to date. Like this one. I actually don’t know if ANYBODY is reading this but I just did read my posts so far. All of them one year ago and you know what?I really like them! And I decided to give this humble blog another go. Even it is just for self-documenting my creative way.

So hello 2018! Two-thousand-eighteen, can you believe it? Indeed some things have changed or rather will change in my life very soon. 2018 will be so exciting but more on this another time. Until now weather has been rather damp und muddy. Every now and then there is snow but it melts within a few hours. But I will have my ultimate winter experience this year. In a week’s time the boyfriend and me will head off on vacation and there will be lots of snow.


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