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Week 9

Okay, so I survived my first week at work after my vacation. Though I couldn’t have been more moody on a Monday morning, every day from then on got easier. What was also lightening my mood was the prospect of a free weekend that I am celebrating now. My man is out of town so I made myself a cozy weekend full of knitting, browsing the internet (…always so time consuming…) and cups of alternately tea and coffee. I only left the house for a Saturday morning stroll to get some flowers and food. What I really liked about this week ist the undeniable shift from Winter to Spring (not to be compared to mallorcan Spring, but a nice and solid middle-european Spring ;). Last Sunday I spotted the first snowdrops and I couldn’t believe my eyes as I saw a few blooming branches of forsythia in a front yard of my neighborhood! Yesterday I wore for the first time a thinner coat and I feel safe to mothball my winter coats now. What is also typical for this time of year are the storms blowing through the fields and forests. I love to watch the scraps of shockingly blue sky between chasing ruffled clouds that move surprisingly fast.


This week I finished my pair of Hermione’s Everday Socks with the Bamboo Sock Yarn by Gregoria Fibers. It was a real pleasure to work with this yarn and I even have 1/3 ball left that could be used for a color combination shawl. It was the first time after a long pause that I knitted socks and I had to look up how to work the heel. I decided for a classic heel as it seemed to be the easiest option. Well, I am not quite happy with it as it looks rather “blunt”. The classic heel may work for thicker socks but next time I will opt for a more delicate solution working the heel.


I am still thinking what to knit next. As I was mentioning before my hands are burning to cast on a new major project (sweater, cardigan). I am also thinking about doing an own design again (and I have so many ideas in my head). In the past I designed and knitted two sweaters and I am very proud of it. It was a lot of fun but also more work than following a given pattern. As my leisure time is limited these days I am still not sure what to do. There are so many beautiful patterns out there that I want to knit and it is also nice just to follow a pattern when I come home late from work. Well…


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