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Week 8

What a week! I am writing these lines with my suitcase packed and ready to leave our beautiful Casa in the middle of spring-like and warm Mallorca. It’s a little bit hard not feel sad sitting one last time in front of our huge glazed door with a view at the garden with its now slowly withering almond blossoms. Instead of soft pink, honey-smelling blossoms delicate tiny leaves take their places at the clubbed and twirled branches.

And though I try to be happy or let’s say thankful for this experience I am rather depressed right now. I try not to, but I can’t stop thinking at my oncoming everyday life that will start on Monday again. I know this isn’t a good thing but it is hard to value my everyday life as it feels rather dull right now. My work is just very exhausting, I am tired of working almost every second weekend and on feast days when other people can stay at home. I know I chose it that way and I have to go this journey to get to my goals but I already know that this is not what I want to do for the rest of my life. Okay I will stop dragging down now.

Let’s talk again about the positive things. I think about creating a kind of travel post about this week as I have lots of pictures on my camera as well as on my I phone. As it was already my fourth trip to Mallorca (and the next is already in process of planning) I could write down some tips where to stay and where to go.

So let’s hope for a good week to come.

4 Responses
  • Julie
    February 26, 2017

    Oh wow! I’ve never been to Mallorca, but it looks incredible- your photos really highlight the everyday beauty of it. I’d be sad to leave it, too!

    • christine
      February 27, 2017

      Dear Julie,
      thanks for your lovely comment. Well I survived first day at work and I guess I just have “acclimatize” again to normal life.
      Best wishes

  • e.emma
    March 1, 2017

    ich mag deinen Blog 🙂
    und ich mag jeden blog post vor allem deine travel posts, bin schon gespannt welche tipps du hast 🙂

    angenehme woche noch

    • christine
      March 2, 2017

      Oh danke, da freue ich mich wirklich 🙂

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