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knitspiration #2 | things I knitted twice or things I would knit once again

Okay, actually there is only one thing I knitted twice and that is the Strokkur sweater (left picture). To be honest the first Strokkur I had knitted ended a bit tight (frankly not just a bit) as I did no gauge swatch at the beginning. Yet I  did love the pattern so much that I reknitted it once again one year or so later and that one ended just perfect! Not only me but also my mother fell in love with the beautiful nordic style sweater and so I gave it to her. So after knitting that pattern already twice I still have no well fitting Strokkur sweater for myself so I guess I will knit it a third time one day. What I love about this pattern by talented pattern designer Ysolda Teague is the simplicity. As you may already know I rather love soft colors, simple patterns and no fuss. Strokkur may be simple but it has a very interesting twist as it is combining raglan- and yoke-style to get a very good fitting sweater. Not least I am a fan of subtle nordic patterns!

The second project I didn’t yet but will definitely knit again ist the Lila sweater by Carrie Bostick Hoge (picture in the middle, not my own). This one is a perfect every day sweater with an interesting twist created by the curved hem. I knitted my Lila sweater more than two years ago with rather stiff wool yarn I didn’t know what to do with. It was and still is not really my color as it is a rather yellowish boring beige. I plan to knit Lila again with a color I really love (like a blueish grey…) and with a softer and lighter yarn (like alpaca).

The Kelpie shawl by Jared Flood (right picture) is another project I gave to my mother. I am not much a shawl knitter but this one I really enjoyed. And of course it’s always great when you have a project where you get to choose a certain color combination. I could spend hours choosing, comparing and discarding various color combinations even when it is just for a few stripes on an otherwise plain shawl. That’s the fun about planning a project! I will definitely reknit the Kelpie shawl one day


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