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knitspiration #1 | and a word about knitting lots of sweaters or the way of mindful knitting

In the last post in mentioned that I feel a strong urge to cast on a new major knitting project. I am clearly a sweater/cardigan knitter and have done quite a lot yet. The trouble in the end is I wear them not very often. This is because of various reasons. I am quite happy with most of my projects but some of them are not so perfect for me considering size, color or fit. At the beginning I thought this won’t matter but  meanwhile I noticed that it does!  And after all I just have too many sweaters to wear them on a regular basis (and I don’t want to wear a sweater every single day).

With that in mind and because of my large, oozing stash I aim to be more mindful what to knit, with what to knit or in what to invest in the future. At the beginning I used to be a very “consuming” knitter. Of course I had lots of time back then when I was studying but I just needed to finish as many projects as possible as quick as I could. I was obsessed. That was okay back then but by that time now I have only little precious spare time as my job is quite intense. Nowadays I consider knitting or handicraft in general as a kind of yoga. I want it to be relaxing instead of stressful because I have the feeling that I must finish a project as quick as possible. I want to let my thoughts go, I want to enjoy a quiet moment with a cup of tea and a project that makes me happy.

Well, I really got off the point as I actually just wanted to show some inspirational knitting projects that could be interesting considering the oncoming Spring. Right now I’m craving for light and neutral colors and minimalist constructions. This is about that clean feeling of something new that comes along with Spring.

  1. This one is a long time favorite of mine. Haru-Gasumi by Mari Tobita was released back in June 2012 within Wool People Vol. 3 and has been on my want-to-knit-list since i started knitting. I love the soft and feminine construction of this sweater and I especially like the cute and fine details at the hems.
  2. Number 2 is just the perfect weekend sweater with lots of ease and a relaxing fit. The corresponding name is simply Relax by Ririko.
  3. That one is probably my favorite right now and it may become my next major knitting project. It’s the Lucia Hoodie by Carrie Bostick Hoge and was published within a lovely collection of rather basic but wonderful knitting patterns which is called Madder Anthology 2: Simple pleasures.

Please note: the pictures of this post are not my own. They can be found following the links mentioned above. These links will lead you to the corresponding ravelry page.


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