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Week 6

Yes, I skipped week 5 since I didn’t really find time to make some pictures and after all nothing really happened. I keep working on my flowers in the snow blanket though I have a strong urge to start a new knitting project. Honestly I would love to cast on a new sweater again but my brain┬ásays that I have enough sweater I don’t wear regularly and even more I have this huge amount of stash that really needs to get minimized before ordering 10 brand new skeins for a major project. The stash is huge but there a only few skeins of the same color or strenght so it will only be good for minor projects (like lots of socks).

And ooops, speaking of brand new yarn…I indeed did buy new yarn! Do you see this b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l hand dyed yarn by gregoria fibers (picture below)? I have no idea what to do with it (here we are at the socks again) but I just had to order two skeins of these gorgeous colors. I wonder how she does the speckling stuff with natural dye?

So nothing else really happened. The weather is cold again but dry. Since the snow had melted it didn’t snow again. Though I love every season and so the wintertime I like the idea of Spring to come soon. I haven’t found any signs of Spring yet but I will keep my eyes open to discover some early flowers. Last Autumn I planted some Snowdrops in my (dark and damp) backyard garden. At least I think I did. But no signs of them yet. Maybe the soil in my ugly garden is to moist and rich to be substance of existence. I keep my eyes open.



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