kelpie the second

Phew, made it through another very dark and damp mid January week. It’s weekend everyone aaand I have a week off now. And if that wasn’t good enough let me tell you that I will go on winter vacation for a whole wonderful week. We’re taking a trip to Tirol in Austria where we’ll hopefully find a winter wonder land.

After finishing the Lucia Hoodie (which will accompany me on my trip for sure) I started a new project. First I wanted to knit a no fuss triangular shawl. Then I rediscovered the Kelpie pattern by Brooklyn Tweed wich I bought four years ago (f-o-u-r, is it really that long ago???).


Lucia Hoodie


So I hope this year will be a year of finishing unfinished objects. As I mentioned in my last post there are several projects on hold which I plan to complete little by little this year. For sure I will cast on new projects anyway 🙂 My first finished project in 2018 is this beautiful hooded Cardigan called Lucia by Carrie Bostick Hoge. I started it back in October 2017 when I was in Denmark with my mother. It seemed like a perfect no fuss, easy to knit cardigan wich has the potential to become a favorite piece of clothing.

As I wanted a tweedy look I chose Lana Grossa Ascot.


I never finish anyt…

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So I have this thing with starting things and never getting them to an end. At the beginning of a new project I am electrically charged and cannot wait to draw plans, make list and create ideas. I am a buzzing bee. Then I start with whatever it is and somehow I loose this spirit on my way. For example I have a lot of knitting projects at different stages. A single sock, two socks but one is missing the toe, a cardigan with one arm left, an almost finished cardigan missing a buttonband and some buttons, a never ending granny square blanket AND SO ON. It’s the same with blogs. I love blogs.