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even more babyknits

I know, AGAIN babyknits! Before I got pregnant I wasn’t interested in this topic at all and why should I have been? Even in the first weeks and months of my pregnancy I didn’t give a thought about it. It took me even more than 20 weeks to buy the first thing for this tiny baby inside me. Until then everything seemed unreal and far away. Right now I am entering the third trimester and I am far from completing this baby wardrobe. But as I am getting slowly but steady closer to due date I get more and more involved in this topic. I think this is a natural instinct of a mother to be.


knitspiration #4 | babyknits

It’s time for a new round of #knitspiration! I must admit I had difficulty choosing a selection for this topic. Right now I am right into baby knitting patterns. I think of baby knitting patterns, I dream of baby knitting patterns and all I do is knitting for my baby. Still I really can’t believe that in four months time my own little human will be sitting next to or rather on top of me. Isn’t this crazy? I still don’t really know how this could happen?! Anyway there are tons of the cutest little patterns for babies and toddler out there in the funny universe we call internet. My ravelry und pinterest lists are full of them and so this is only a small selection.


Iðunn Cardigan

Luckily I managed to finish this beautiful Lopi Cardigan before it gets too warm to wear it! It is still February and the temperatures are around freezing point. Iðunn is another one from my countless projects I started but didn’t manage to finish in 2017. In fact I started the idunn Cardigan back in September 2017 as a project for my two-week vacation in the Bavarian Alps. Thanks to the thick appealing Lett Lopi yarn I made quick progress and nearly finished it a month later. Due to some minor issues that disrupted my workflow I stopped working in the project. Yes, you may have guessed it but the whole steeking thing  wasn’t that easy for me.


Kelpie the second

A few posts ago (and from time to time on instagram) I mentioned that I was working on another Kelpie shawl after knitting it already 4 years ago. Kelpie is a simple hap shawl by Brooklyn Tweed that was published there a long time ago. Then I gave it to my mother as a gift. This time I wanted one all for myself. I remember how I was struggling with all the new stitches and lacey elements four years ago as it was the first time for me knitting a shawl and something as complicated as that. In the end it became apparent that it was not complicated at all and this time it was almost a no brainer to knit it for the second time.


knitspiration #3 | a gentle touch of Spring

I know, I know it’s still February and therefore it is still Winter. In fact as January here in Germany was rather warm and damp I am quite happy that the temperatures finally dropped to a wintry level. What would be a good old Winter without cold ears in the morning, without frost-covered windscreens or even without slippery roads? It just wouldn’t feel right.

But it’s only natural to slowly prepare for the next season which is Spring fortunately. You may have noticed that the days are getting longer and maybe you are lucky enough to get a glimpse of proper daylight after you get home from work. If you keep your eyes open you might even spot some early flowering plants like some lovely snowdrops at the side of a plain footpath.


One Week Winter Wonderland

And somehow January merged into February. Usually I like the first month of year. It feels so good to get rid of all the Christmas decoration, sack the Christmas tree and put it all away for the next 11 months. Now a blank page, time to think and make plans for the coming months. But this year was different somehow. My January was blurred, a succession of grey and dull and dark days. After the calm days between the holidays the first weeks of the year hit hard at work with lots of stuff to do and extra hours. Four weeks I was only anticipating our winter vacation in East Tyrol.

And oh it was worth the while!


kelpie the second

Phew, made it through another very dark and damp mid January week. It’s weekend everyone aaand I have a week off now. And if that wasn’t good enough let me tell you that I will go on winter vacation for a whole wonderful week. We’re taking a trip to Tirol in Austria where we’ll hopefully find a winter wonder land.

After finishing the Lucia Hoodie (which will accompany me on my trip for sure) I started a new project. First I wanted to knit a no fuss triangular shawl. Then I rediscovered the Kelpie pattern by Brooklyn Tweed wich I bought four years ago (f-o-u-r, is it really that long ago???).


Lucia Hoodie


So I hope this year will be a year of finishing unfinished objects. As I mentioned in my last post there are several projects on hold which I plan to complete little by little this year. For sure I will cast on new projects anyway 🙂 My first finished project in 2018 is this beautiful hooded Cardigan called Lucia by Carrie Bostick Hoge. I started it back in October 2017 when I was in Denmark with my mother. It seemed like a perfect no fuss, easy to knit cardigan wich has the potential to become a favorite piece of clothing.

As I wanted a tweedy look I chose Lana Grossa Ascot.


I never finish anyt…

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So I have this thing with starting things and never getting them to an end. At the beginning of a new project I am electrically charged and cannot wait to draw plans, make list and create ideas. I am a buzzing bee. Then I start with whatever it is and somehow I loose this spirit on my way. For example I have a lot of knitting projects at different stages. A single sock, two socks but one is missing the toe, a cardigan with one arm left, an almost finished cardigan missing a buttonband and some buttons, a never ending granny square blanket AND SO ON. It’s the same with blogs. I love blogs.


week 10 & 11

Two more weeks have passed and nothing special happened. Until now I have been enjoying the last days of Winter. After the first gentle peeks of Spring during the first days of March, cold and damp weather has took over again to accompany the last days of Winter. I have been enjoying the last weeks of “hibernation” and did all the things I like during the darker seasons. I did a lot of knitting, went to bed early and enjoyed staying at my cozy home. Furthermore I started a new book in which I like to escape during my evenings (The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer). It’s the first time I’m actually reading on an everyday basis for a long time as I normally enjoy listening to audibooks while knitting or crocheting.